Lego Sets New For 2016 Available From July - Technic, Nexo, City

It was with great excitement that the 2016 second half Lego catalogue arrived, this has pretty much all the Lego in it from July to December with all the big sets for Christmas.

Mixels Series 8 and Series 9 will be the last to be produced, the shine has definitely worn off them, as yet no replacement has been announced.

While Mixels has its own video-game, Calling all Mixels, the Angry Birds game reverses the relationship. The popular app game finally gets a LEGO treatment via The Angry Birds Movie and whilst nothing hugely revolutionary is here seeing how Lego pull off the various bird and pig characters will certainly be entertaining.

LEGO Nexo Knights is the big story in 2016 with a cartoon series launching in February and an app game, the top set for Christmas is a Nexo castle to make siege of. We hope that Nexo will help to rejuvenate the tricky Castle theme. We suspect this will appeal to Ninjago fans. Other sets include Jestro's Volcano Lair  and Axl's Tower Carrier.

In more traditional territory, LEGO City had updates for its Airport range which also includes a great value Lego Air Show set. Continuing on from the Arctic and Deep Sea explorer range Lego Volcano sets erupt onto the scene with some great price points and interesting vehicles.

LEGO Technic is always a popular end of year product will adults and children and 2016 is set to be the best yet with four great sets, we thought the super-sized excavator set was fantastic value, this is not only impressive in scale but also because it is motorised and comes complete with to-sacle dump truck. Also in Technic is the Claas rear loader, again motorised, and a JCB digger complete with pneumatic arm. As if this is not enough then a super secret fourth set sneaks in which very little is known about, this set is a huge Porshe car, set to coincide with the launch of the real thing, and comes complete with working flappy paddle gear box!

Super Heroes for DC and Marvel had a variety of sets. The Mighty Micros were the most eye-catching with miniature “pocket-money” sets featuring iconic heroes from both comic-lines.

New Ty Beanie Boos Now In Stock

We have just had a big delivery of the ever popular and oh so cute Ty Beanie Boos including some specials for Easter.

The range includes a multi coloured rabbit called Bloom the Bunny, and several Spring sheep and lambs including Daria the white and pink sheep.

We hope they all find goods homes for Easter.

Thunderbirds Are Go...Well Nearly

The all new Thunderbirds Are Go TV show will hit your TV screen sometime this spring and a Vivid toy range will follow in Q4, with ITV saying “Vivid really understand the Thunderbirds heritage; there’s a real blend of nostalgia and new”.

ITV believes Vivid’s toy line based on the new upcoming Thunderbirds Are Go animated series will prove to be the must have toys of 2015.

The new show, debuting on TV screens from spring 2015 on ITV and CITV, is produced using a unique mixture of CGI animation and live-action miniatures, with the spin-off toy line launching Q4 2015.

As yet the exact launch date of the show is unknown and trailers posted online do not give anything away.

Thunderbirds Are Go Cast

Parkside Dundas Kits Now In Stock

The Parkside Dundas range of fantastic OO Gauge wagon kits, which are very keenly priced, our now in stock.

Our range is limited at the moment but will grow as the weeks progress.


The Toy and Book warehouse in Pickering Now Stock Hornby and Airfix

The Toy and Book Warehouse in Pickering are very pleased to announce that we now stock Hornby trains and Airfix model kits, with a basic starter range that includes full Hornby starter sets to single locomotives and carriages we intend to expand as rapidly as we can. In the coming weeks we expect to stock Peco products as well as Wills and Ratio kits.


Our range of Aifix kits include the all new Quickbuild series as well as Starter sets that include glue and paint and more complicated planes and second world war vehicles.


Please phone the shop on 01751 474672 for maore details.

Our New Website

Welcome to the Toy and Book Warehouse website.

At the moment it only has the bare minimum of pages but we are working hard to populate it with all your favourite toys.